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Happy New Year!

2016 was quite a year, both good and bad, for us at NPCtendo.  While we didn't make it to Bronycon, we were at Trotcon where we hosted an event for the first time (a Ponyfinder introduction campaign) and sold custom table-top miniatures.  

For next year, we're planning to attend both Trotcon and Bronycon.  We'll be preparing panels/events for Trotcon and merchandise for Bronycon.  You should expect more miniatures, some Tails of Equestria stuff, and a new 8-bit game!

This is all reliant on convention applications, of course.  Even if none of our applications are accepted, though, you can expect us to be at one of the conventions regardless.  Keep an eye out for Littlepip and Calamity cosplay :)

Thanks for being fans, and see you this summer!
Nick and Jenn
First off, thanks to all of you who came out and saw us at Trotcon 2016!  We had an absolute blast there and hope all of you did too!

With Bronycon and Trotcon back-to-back this year, we were only able to go to one of them.  It was a tough choice, but because it's so much closer for us and because we had no new NES game to sell, we decided Trotcon made more sense.  To all of our fans who were at Bronycon and not Trotcon, we're sorry we missed you!  While plans aren't set in stone yet, there's a good chance we'll be at both conventions next year, so hopefully we'll see you then!

Back to how Trotcon went, we tried a few new things this year.  In addition to NES games, we had PC CD-ROMs and painted table-top miniatures.  We also ran a workshop with a beginner Ponyfinder campaign.  The CD-ROMs did pretty well, people definitely liked the lower price vs the cartridges and the fact that they didn't have to own an NES.  The painted miniatures and other table-top stuff were a huge success; we sold nearly all of them!  The table-top panels we ran were also a lot of fun: you can definitely expect more panels and workshops from us in the future.

Thanks, as always, for being a fan.
Pace and Aurora
(Nick and Jenn)